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"The intellectualisation
of football has
always foundered
on a simple problem-
-the players. Doing
all your most
rewarding thinking
with your feet seems
to dull the philo-
sophical impulse.
Unless, of course,
you are Dutch.
According to legend,
Europeans played
a moronic, muscular
version of the world's
game, until Holland
proclaimed its vision
of total football in the
1974 World Cup,
and enlightenment

Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Football
Dutch Cup Winners


Robben: "Hard to grasp"
Van Bommel after defeat: "I'm a little speechless"
Van Marwijk: "In no mood to get negative"
Flat Dutch don't know what to do with 20+ chances
Netherlands-Denmark: lineup
Joris Mathijsen recovering well
Cruyff: "Kuyt at right back"
Mathijsen still uncertain - could miss entire tournament
Holland and Denkmark: head-to-head
Van Persie seems worth the confidence
Van Marwijk again opts for Van Persie instead of Huntelaar
Huntelaar: "Upset is not the right the word"
Ron Vlaar: "I know what I am capable of"
Van Marwijk: "We remained disciplined"
Ibi and Rafa show manager he has options
Ibrahim Afellay Oranje's Zidane?
Van Marwijk looking for certainties
Cruijff: "Not enough depth in your game is asking for trouble"
Bouma: "I've gone through the desert"
Van Persie: "Defeat at this point not a problem"
Euro 2012 finals squad
Mathijsen strains muscle
Bulgarians surprise Oranje
Ola Toivonen's goal sees Sweden beat Holland and qualify
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar sinks Moldova
Oranje maintain perfection, beat Finland
Netherlands thrash San Marino in Euro 2012 qualifier
Kuyt kills off brave Hungary for Netherlands
Oranje trash Hungary
Sweden no match for Oranje
Van Marwijk: "We left them without chance"
Dirk Kuyt out for months
"We are prepared for all scenarios"
Minimal but easy win for Holland in Moldavia
Van Marwijk: "We played very well"
Holland want result after tumultuous week
Van der Vaart to replace De Jong
"This case only has losers"
Van Marwijk drops Nigel de Jong
Holland & Moldavia: head-to-head
Holland & Sweden: head-to-head
Wisgerhof replaces Maduro
Bouma back on the radar
Netherlands - Finland 2-1
Van Marwijk: "We were late all over the pitch"
Van Bommel: "There wasn't anymore in it"
Heitinga: "That can not happen"
Van der Vaart unhappy with role on the side
Kuyt and Boulahrouz out with injury
"It all revolves around Jari Litmanen"
Sneijder: "Don't tinker with it"
Alonso: "No hard feelings"
Van Marwijk: "Second half was better"
San Marino-Netherlands 0-5
Oranje: a new mission
Year Club Note
1899 RAP Amsterdam 01st time
1900 Velocitas Breda 01st time
1901 HBS Den Haag 01st time
1902 HFC Haarlem 01st time
1903 HVV 01st time
1904 HFC Haarlem 01st time
1905 VOC 01st time
1906 DSV Concordia 01st time
1907 VOC 02nd time
1908 HBS Den Haag 02nd time
1909 Quick 01st time
1910 Quick 02nd time
1911 Quick 03rd time
1912 HFC Haarlem 02nd time
1913 HFC Haarlem 02nd time
1914 D.F.C. 01st time
1915 HFC Haarlem 03rd time
1916 Quick 04th time
1917 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 01st time
1918 RCH 01st time
1919 No competition
1920 CVV 01st time
1921 VV Schoten 01st time
1922 No competition
1923 No competition
1924 No competition
1925 ZFC (voetbalclub) 01st time
1926 LONGA 01st time
1927 VUC 01st time
1928 RCH 02nd time
1929 No competition
1930 Feyenoord Rotterdam 01st time
1931 No competition
1932 D.F.C. 02nd time
1933 No competition
1934 Velocitas Groningen 01st time
1935 Feyenoord Rotterdam 02nd time
1936 RFC Roermond 01st time
1937 FC Eindhoven 01st time
1938 VSV 01st time
1939 FC Wageningen 01st time
1940 No competition
1941 No competition
1942 No competition
1943 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 02nd time
1944 Willem II Tilburg 01st time
1945 No competition
1946 No competition
1947 No competition
1948 FC Wageningen 02nd time
1949 Quick 1888 01st time
1950 PSV Eindhoven 01st time
1951 No competition
1952 No competition
1953 No competition
1954 No competition
1955 No competition
1956 No competition
1957 Fortuna '54 01st time
1958 Sparta Rotterdam 01st time
1959 VVV 01st time
1960 No competition
1961 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 03rd time
1962 Sparta Rotterdam 02nd time
1963 Willem II Tilburg 02nd time
1964 Fortuna '54 02nd time
1965 Feyenoord Rotterdam 03rd time
1966 Sparta Rotterdam 03rd time
1967 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 04th time
1968 ADO 01st time
1969 Feyenoord Rotterdam 04th time
1970 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 05th time
1971 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 06th time
1972 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 07th time
1973 NAC Breda 01st time
1974 PSV Eindhoven 02nd time
1975 FC Den Haag 01st time
1976 PSV Eindhoven 03rd time
1977 FC Twente Enschede 01st time
1978 AZ Alkmaar 01st time
1979 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 08th time
1980 Feyenoord Rotterdam 05th time
1981 AZ Alkmaar 02nd time
1982 AZ Alkmaar 03rd time
1983 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 09th time
1984 Feyenoord Rotterdam 06th time
1985 FC Utrecht 01st time
1986 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 10th time
1987 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 11th time
1988 PSV Eindhoven 04th time
1989 PSV Eindhoven 05th time
1990 PSV Eindhoven 06th time
1991 Feyenoord Rotterdam 07th time
1992 Feyenoord Rotterdam 08th time
1993 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 12th time
1994 Feyenoord Rotterdam 09th time
1995 Feyenoord Rotterdam 10th time
1996 PSV Eindhoven 07th time
1997 Roda JC Kerkrade 01st time
1998 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 13th time
1999 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 14th time
2000 Roda JC Kerkrade 02nd time
2001 FC Twente Enschede 02nd time
2002 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 15th time
2003 FC Utrecht 02nd time
2004 FC Utrecht 03rd time
2005 PSV Eindhoven 08th time
2006 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 16th time
2007 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 17th time
2008 Feyenoord Rotterdam 11th time
2009 SC Heerenveen 01st time
2010 AFC Ajax Amsterdam 18th time